Rock Sliders

Nissan Frontier & Xterra 

$695 standard

 w/DOM upgrade: $895  


Details: We build rock sliders for the Nissan Frontier (2nd Gen) Crew Cab, Short Bed and the King Cab (extended cab) , Standard Bed. We do not build for the Long Bed. We also build for the Nissan Xterra (1st & 2nd Gen) They are 100% bolt-on for easy installation and there is no welding or drilling required. We provide all hardware needed. Unlike other companies, our sliders come with 3 leg supports. These are used for protection of your sheet metal on your truck. They help when offroading, sliding across rocks and protecting your vehicle. They also double as side steps and are perfect for getting in and out of your vehicle. These sliders are made of 1 & 3/4″, .120 wall tubing with 1/4″ mounting plates and gussets. You also have the option to upgrade to DOM, which is the strongest we offer. It’s ideal for our hardcore off-roaders out there! Bare metal only (not painted)


Your sliders are directional, meaning there is one for your drivers side and one for your passenger side.
To tell them apart, there will be gussets (triangles) that are welded to the tubing plate for added strength. The gusset will be facing towards the rear of your vehicle. They will bolt up to existing holes in your frame. No drilling!
We suggest using 2 jack stands to hold the sliders up at each end (or 2 buddies) to hold up the sliders, while you install the bolts.
The bolts include five, 4” grade 8, ½” bolts and one, 3” grade 8, ½” bolt.
Also, included are five backing plates. These will be used on the back side of your frame to spread the load.
There is a backing plate with a nut welded in it. This one will be used with the 3” bolt. These will go where your gas tank is. It’s a tight fit, Nissan didn’t give much room between the gas tank and the frame.
Install all of the bolts in loosely before tightening one completely.
Make sure that you have them adjusted exactly where you want them and then finally, tighten them as tight as you can. You’re good to go!