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Prerunner Style Chase Rack



Details: This is available for the 2nd gen Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. The chase rack is made of 1 & 3/4″ .120 wall tubing (Rollcage tubing) We designed this specifically to clear your 3rd break light so you don’t have to modify or lose visibility of it. There are some add-on options that will be listed below! Bare metal only. Install consists of; Drilling 4, 3/8″ holes on the inside lip of your bed. The chase rack will then bolt to your bed, using the hardware we provide.




Light Cage Add-on 


Details: You have the option to add up to five, 7″ round lights in the cage. This light cage conveniently folds down with 1 bolt and secures in place. This is perfect for when you’re daily driving and don’t need them. Bare metal only.


Light bar mount



Details: Made ONLY for the 2nd gen Frontier, with 1-piece stock plastic bumper. Designed to mount 3-5 of your round lights. Lighting not included. Installation consists of drilling 4 holes, 2 per side, into your grill mount that is attached to your radiator shroud. The light mount then bolts up, using hardware we provide. Bare metal only. 





Details: You send us your Titan, Frontier or Xterra lower control arms & we’ll box them! It provides much added strength. We add 1/8″ plate to your control arms and cut off your sway bar mount. We then mig-weld the plates to your stock arms. Customer had these custom painted. Bare metal only.




Light bar incorporated grille insert

$250 + shipping


Details: These are for the 2nd gen Frontier and include the center insert only! It comes with a 17″ nilight 80 watt light bar incorporated into the grille, bare metal. CAD DESIGNED, CNC PLASMA CUT. THEY ARE MADE OF 1/8″, A36 steel.  Wiring harness could be added onto order at additional cost. Bare metal only (not painted)

Install: You will need to cut out your center stock grille. It is easiest to trace, then separate the grille shell from the actual grille assembly. 2005-2009 years will use your stack hardware. 2010-2020 will need to drill a hole in the grille assembly (black plastic) and install using the hardware we provide.




$28 + shipping


We have a limited supply! Snapbacks and flex fits available in the size large/ Extra large.