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  • 2nd gen Nissan Frontier
  • 2nd gen Toyota Tacoma
  • 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Details: This chase rack is made of hefty 1 & 3/4″ .120 wall tubing A.K.A. ROLL CAGE TUBING. We designed this specifically to clear your 3rd break light so you don’t have to modify or lose visibility of it. We could add tabs to accommodate your chase light or light bar. Install consists of; Drilling 4, 3/8″ holes on the inside lip of your bed. The chase rack will then bolt to your bed, using the hardware we provide.

 Details: You have the option to add up to five, 7″ round lights in the cage. This light cage conveniently folds down, with 1 bolt and secures in place. This is perfect for when you’re daily driving and don’t need them. We also offer the light cage by itself, it could be used on ANY vehicle, placed wherever you’d like!

  • 2nd gen Nissan Frontier
  • 2nd gen Nissan Navara (2005-2014)
  • 3rd Gen Nissan Pathfinder (2005-2007)

 Details: Made exclusively for the 2nd gen Frontier. This light mount will only work with 1-piece stock plastic bumpers. It’s made to mount 3-5 of your round lights. Just let me know the amount/sizes Lighting not included. Installation consists of drilling 4 holes, 2 per side, into your grill mount that is attached to your radiator shroud. The light mount then bolts up, using hardware we provide. 


FRONT: $250 REAR: $150

  • 2nd gen Nissan Frontier
  • 2nd gen Nissan Xterra
  • 3rd Gen Nissan Pathfinder(front only)

Details: Handmade-to-order for the 2nd gen Frontier/Navara, 2nd gen Xterra and 3rd gen Pathfinder. This is the perfect lil’ mod for those of you that don’t want to add weight to your vehicle but, want some beefy reliable recovery points! 💪🏻These bolt right up to your stock location with no modifications needed! Simply remove your stock tow hooks and bolt these babies up! They’re CAD designed and made of 3/8” ASM steel. The front recovery points have 4 mounting holes. 2 of the bolts (10.9, grade 8) bolt up where your stock recovery point is and the 2 additional bolts go horizontally through the frame for added strength. Fits 7/8” D-ring shackles. These will fit with STOCK bumpers or any of OUR Prerunner front bumpers.

  • 2nd gen Nissan Frontier
  • 2nd gen Nissan Pathfinder (2008-2011)

Details: Made exclusively for the 2nd gen Frontier. This includes the center insert only. The grille includes a 17″ Nilight 80 watt light bar, that we incorporate into the grille. CAD DESIGNED, CNC PLASMA CUT. They are made of 1/8″, A36 steel.  A wiring harness could be added at additional cost. Install; You will need to cut out your center stock grille. It is easiest to trace, then separate the grille shell from the actual grille assembly. 2005-2009 years will use your stock hardware. For years 2010-2020, will need to drill a hole in the grille assembly/ black plastic, then install using the hardware we provide.

Details: This tire carrier will work in ANY truck bed! It’s the perfect way to nicely store your stare tire, instead of having it hanging underneath the truck, getting damaged while off-roading. Up to a 37″ could be mounted. The wing nut is locks your tire down with a urethane cone. You could possibly use a bike lock to lock it for theft reasons. We don’t not make option for utilitrack. It’s made of 3/16″ .120 wall HREW tubing with 3/16″ CNC plasma cut mounting plates. Mounting hardware included. Install consists of; drilling 3 holes in your bed floor. You’ll then, run the bolts through the bottom of your bed, sandwiching your bed with the backing plates we provide.

  • 3rd Gen Nissan Frontier
  • 2nd gen Nissan Frontier/Navara
  • 2nd gen Nissan Xterra
  • 3rd Gen Nissan Pathfinder

Details: This radiator skid plate was designed to fit perfectly with any 2nd gen Nissan Frontier, 2nd gen Nissan Xterra or 3rd gen Pathfinder that has a STOCK FRONT BUMPER or ANY ONE OF OUR FRONT BUMPERS! This means, our STOCKERS don’t have to feel left out anymore! If you already have one of our bumpers, you could add this skid plate on at any time for all the vehicles listed above. This skid plate provides amazing, full coverage protection of your radiator, pulley system & steering rack! It’s is 100% bolt-on for easy installation. There is no welding, drilling or cutting required. The access hole to your oil filter, conveniently unbolts so you could reach right in whenever needed. It bolts up in 6 spots & each side attaches to your recovery point location. 2 bolts also run across your crossmember. Made of A36, 3/16″ steel. Hardware included. Bare metal. These skid plates are not compatible with a 3″ bracket lift.

boxed lower control arms: $425


Details: You send us your Titan, Frontier or Xterra lower control arms & we’ll beef them up! Doing so provides much added strength. We add 1/8″ A36 CNC plasma cut plates to your control arms and cut off your sway bar mounts. This provides you with better flex and strength to your lower control arms. We then mig-weld the plates to your stock arms. Bare metal only.


All products must be coated (paint or powder coat) prior to install to prevent any possible rust. If you don’t want to paint, please apply a clear coat.