Rear Bumpers

Details: Sleek & Snug at its finest! This plate bumper perfectly molds to the body and is high clearance for a great departure angle. It’s constructed of 3/16″, 1018 cold roll steel flat bar. It’s extremely strong for it’s size! There is a nice spot to mount your license plate as well as accommodate your stock license plate lighting. This bumper was exclusively made for the 2nd gen Nissan Frontier. It is 100% bolt-on for easy installation. There is no drilling or welding required. A hitch can not be added to this bumper.

Details: This bumper was made specially to match our Winch-ready Steel Plate Front Bumper & exclusively made for the 2nd gen Nissan Frontier. 100% bolt-on for easy installation. There is no cutting, welding or drilling required. Made of 3/16″ ASM steel. It has holes to accommodate your stock license plate lights, along with your license plate. Includes 2, 7″ Nilight LED light bars that are incorporated into the bumper. They could be used as your reverse lights or you could run a switch to use them whenever you’d like, as work lights or spotting lights. No lighting also an option. We could add accommodations for your 7- pin trailer harness and sensors, if needed. There is a filler plate that goes under your tailgate, much like your stock bumper. It has an access hole so you could still get to your spare tire jack easily. This bumper clears your OEM hitch.
Install: These bumpers are built to bolt to your stock rear crash brace. You’ll simply unbolt your bumper shell from the stock crash bar and this one will bolt right up in place. So, that means, you will still be able to tow with your stock or aftermarket tow hitch and not have huge gaps! This will also save you on shipping cost.

*Now joined forces with GG Lighting to offer a premium lighting upgrade. All lighting includes Lifetime warranty, free wiring harness & mounting. Contact me for pricing/options.

super high clearance Prerunner Style Rear Bumper: starting at $695

Details: These bumpers are 100% bolt-on for easy installation. There is no cutting, welding or drilling required! It’s made of 1 & 3/4″ tubing, .120 wall. DOM upgrade also available. This bumper includes a recovery hitch in the center. These receivers are added for recovery only! These bumpers are not tow rated, and they are not designed to tow with. DON’T DO IT! You could still run your stock or aftermarket tow hitch underneath this bumper if you need to tow. We highly recommend cutting your bedsides to line up with this bumper for the cleanest look and best intended performance!


Details: A beefy set of recovery points are welded to your rear bumper as a place to add D-ring shackles or attach a hook from a winch to help you with all your recovery needs. Shackles not included. The recovery points are made of 1/2″ hot roll steel.

Details: The perfect add-on to add style and nicely mount your license plate. It’s made of 1/8″ steel with tubing surrounding it.

dom upgrade: $100

Details: This is the absolute strongest material we offer. The best option for our hardcore offroaders and highly recommended.


Install is very simple and consists of firstly removing your stock bumper. After removed, youll see a tiny tab on the side of your frame, that you will need to bend flat or cut off. Youll then bolt your new bumper up with your stock bolts. Loosely tighten, stand back to make sure fitment us perfect, then tighten those bolts and youre good to go!
We highly recommend cutting your bedsides to line up with our High clearance rear bumpers for the best look and performance.