Here at Dezert Runner Offroad, we are only a 2-person team; Husband & Wife, living our dream, running our small business from a little town in southern California, Yucaipa. Proudly made in the U.S.A.! Customer satisfaction is most important to us and we always go above and beyond for every customer. We have been successfully in business for 7 years now and are a very reputable company in the offroad community. We are so grateful for all the love & support we have received throughout the years. Thank you for supporting our small business!

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• Designer- Designing every product we make himself
• Fabricator/Welder-The one-&-only welder here, layin’ dimes
• Material Handler-Driving all around Southern California, picking up metal, materials/supplies
• Parts-picker-upper (He-man)- Lifting all the heavy ass parts himself
• Shop Manager-In charge of the shop (garage)
• CNC Plasma cutter: Cutting out plating
• Notcher/Bender/Sander: Hand notching, bending & ending with a good sand job
• Order packer: Hand wrapping parts, usually half asleep late at night with the wife

• Marketing/Advertising: Flooding social media with our parts, getting the word out
• Customer service: Answering questions way past work hours/giving quotes
• Web designer: Designing website, ads, logos and photography
• Shop help: Barking orders, CNC Plasma cutting parts, cutting tubing, sanding
• Shipping Clerk/Order packer:  Setting up shipping & Hand wrapping with the husband

…and that’s all folks!